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Catherine Milos, Author | Editor | Consultant


Catherine is a professional Editor, Alpha/Beta Reader, Writer, Writing Coach and Consultant. Her 10 plus years of experience spans across industries and genres. Her mission is to bring magic to authors’ works through collaboration, producing the best possible result.

As writer, she seeks to develop engaging, unique content which meets client needs and audience expectations. Past projects include business writing, copy, web content, reviews, resumes, cover letters, CVs, journal articles, ghost writing, fiction and non-fiction, collaboration, and more.

As editor, her mission is to guide you to produce the best possible work while helping you hone your skills and recognize common errors.

As a mentor, consultant, or coach, Catherine will assist you with improving your writing, getting you past a block, developing your first draft or guiding you through the self-publishing process. She can also assist you with providing expert advice and coordinating writing related projects.

Past projects include editing academic thesis, assignments, publications and essays; business documents; resumes and cover letters; web content; beta and alpha reading; fiction (poetry, novel, novella, short story); non-fiction, and more. Note: Catherine does not write or edit horror or erotica.

She will rely on her expertise and resources such as style guides suited to your requirements to offer writing and editing services customized for you and your work in US, UK, AU, CAD English.

If you are stuck or seeking to improve a manuscript through coaching, Catherine develops customized worksheets and conducts sessions by email or skype.

Catherine is also a best-selling author with several novel-length books.

Aside from writing and editing, Catherine’s passions include rescuing strays, creating and appreciating art, connecting with nature, and being amazed by the magic of life.

Catherine is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Editors Canada, and a Developing Publisher with SaskBooks.

Contact her now to discuss your project.

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Petrichor by Catherine Milos
Inglenook by Catherine Milos
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Nicole Martin, Beta Reader

Nicole Martin has a bachelor degree in psychology and loves reading. She is interested in non-fiction and fiction. She loves sci-fi and fantasy, especially ones with happy endings and animals. She does not care for horror or true crime, but does like dystopian and post-dystopian subject matter. She is also an avid PC gamer and enjoys making home-brewed mead. She has been a beta-reader and consultant for books, and even inspired a character for a best-selling author’s novels. Contact her at nicole@catherinemilos.com now to discuss your project.


Courtney Croisetiere, Virtual Assistant

Courtney Croisetiere is a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is someone who can help you with those administrative tasks that slip through the cracks. She can assist you with your business by scheduling, organizing and planning, providing social media support, document creation, and more. She is interested in all areas of Business and Administration, but really enjoys working with numbers. She is also an avid reader. Whether it’s a one-off duty, or regular support, Courtney is here to help you so you can get back to more important matters like writing or running your business. Contact Courtney at courtney@catherinemilos.com to discuss your administrative needs.

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  • Hi, Ms Catherine. I saw your post on Goodreads. I saw that you’re an editor as well as publisher. Well, I want to be a Copyeditor for a career. I have an B.A in English. However, I do lack the experience. I’ve proofread and edit certain documents, but I want to know how to gain the experience I need in to be more confident on the path. If you don’t mind, would you mind sharing some of your tips or advice to help out? And what did you have to do that helped you along the way?

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