You’ve got an idea or a goal in mind. It requires content or documentation that needs a writer. Maybe you don’t have the capacity in your business or the talent on your team. Maybe you need a writing partner to co-write or ghostwrite a manuscript. Maybe you’d love to tell your special someone how you feel, send a thank you note, or other correspondence, but you just can’t find the words.

Catherine’s writing experience spans over ten years across a wide range of industries and genres. Her goal is to offer unique, compelling final products that meet your and your audience’s desires.

She also offers coaching/mentorship to help identify common errors in your content/edit, establish your ideal audience, walk you through a book blurb or query letter, help you get free of that writer’s block, and start from scratch with your idea to develop it into a final project.

As a published author, professional editor, and coach, she’ll bring unique experience to your project. She has specialized experience and education in human resources, communications, psychological health and well-being, wellness, fiction, psychology, social work, sociology, literature, pets, self-care,  management: personnel, risk, change, time, project, cost, program.


  1. Web Content
  2. Ghostwriting
  3. Business Reports, Responses to Proposals, Documents, Forms…
  4. Correspondences (Emails, love letters, letters)
  5. Creative Non-Fiction Articles
  6. Collaborative Works
  7. Social Media Posts
  8. Honest Reviews 
  9. Newsletters, News Releases, Bulletins
  10. Writing Coaching
  11. Technical Manuals, Procedural Guides, Instructions
  12. Resumes, Cover Letters, CVs
  13. Lesson Plans
  14. Presentations
  15. Novels, Novellas, Poetry, Short Stories
  16. Works Requiring Research

If you would like to have Catherine on your manuscript’s team as a writer (or an editor, consultant, coach), message her directly with the details of your writing needs, goals, deadline, genre, audience, dictionary (CAD, US, UK, AU), style guide to follow (if any), and any other information that you wish to share which will help to assess your project’s needs.

Catherine offers customized quotes, secured payment methods, and quick turnarounds.