Catherine Milos, Author | Editor | Consultant

Welcome! I am a professional Canadian editor, alpha/beta reader, publisher, author, writing coach, and consultant with over ten (10) years of experience working with clients from around the world. I want to bring magic to authors’ works through collaboration.

I specialize in developmental and structural editing of speculative and literary fiction. My ideal books explore the paranormal, magic, witches, mermaids, diversity, emotional depth, death, mythology, animals, strong characters, and nature. I also enjoy books with scientific themes, fairy tale rewrites, villains, and unique stories. I prefer adult and young adult fiction but do edit middle grade and children’s fiction.

Reading/editing interests: speculative fiction especially paranormal/urban fiction, coming of age stories, dystopian, mystery, romances, sci-fi, and fantasy in general for young, new, and adult readers; as well as literary fiction, pet stories/guides, travel memoirs, unique personal memoirs, esoteric and occult, feminist literature and stories, and fiction stories geared at middle-grade readers. I will read dark fiction and some horror on a case by case basis.

My goals are to guide you to produce the best possible work while helping you hone your skills and recognize common errors.

I rely on my experience and style manuals to customize services in US, UK, AUS, and CAD English.

What I can do:

  • Offer direction on story and character creation and development, structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling, your writing style, resources, categorization and audience, and the publishing and writing processes.
  • Help you create the best book you possibly can.
  • Revise and rewrite content (including ghostwriting).
  • Work with a manuscript at any stage, even the outlining stage.
  • Collaborate with you, your agent, your publisher, or your publishing team. I can also help you form your team if you’re a self-published author.
  • Edit fiction, creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry.
  • Edit works with sex, profanity, or difficult or dark themes on a case-by-case basis.
  • Refuse any work that I don’t believe fits my interests or skills. I no longer edit academic level works.
  • I can help you query and I can collaborate with your current agent and publisher or guide you in becoming a self-publisher.

What I can’t do:

  • I do not read or edit erotica or works with themes that promote child abuse or sexualization of children, incest, racism, sexism, promotion of discrimination or criminal activities including animal abuse, or promotes hate.
  • I can’t make a magic potion or spell that will turn your book into a bestseller or make you a master writer. That comes with hard work, resources, planning, time, and a bit of luck.
  • Get you published with a publisher, get you an agent, or get you a movie deal.
  • Turn book publishing into a get rich quick scheme. It isn’t.
  • I can’t wave a magic wand and get you readers. True readers come with time and marketing and are worth more than those you buy. Anything worth having doesn’t have a short-cut.

I am a member in the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Editors Canada, and a Publisher with SaskBooks.

Contact me now to discuss your project.

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width=Jesse Savage, Editor | Beta Reader

Jesse Savage is a professional editor and beta reader specializing in fiction. She enjoys reading and editing drama, fantasy, and romance, as well as horror and erotica, but leans away from editing hyper-religious themes and non-fiction.

Jesse’s ideal client is someone who is willing to remain open to their editor’s suggestions, and who is able to have a dialogue about the development of their book.

With a background in both Publishing and Communications, Jesse’s goal when editing is to communicate with the author ways in which the story can be the best it can be so that both author and reader are satisfied at the end.
In her spare time, Jesse enjoys hiking with her dog, cooking for friends and family, and doing a variety of arts and crafts.

Jesse is available for beta reading, copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and developmental, structural, and stylistic editing.

Email: toadstoolediting@gmail.com

Website: https://toadstoolediting.ca/


Ellen Michelle, Editorwidth=

Ellen Michelle is a professional editor who specializes in speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and horror.

She loves anything that breaks the conventions of genre and works that can be classified as cross-genre.

Ellen is passionate about promoting Canadian authors and small publishers, and often writes reviews of Canadian works on her blog Scribbles, Quibbles, and Scrawlings.

You can find her online at ellenmichelle.com and sqsreviews.com and via email at ellen_michelle@outlook.com


Konn Lavery, Graphic Designer | Web Developer

Konn Lavery is an author who specializes in graphic design and web development. He is always open to new projects and you can contact him regarding estimates or questions relating to the industry. He gained his skill base through the Digital Media Production program at the Edmonton Digital Arts College graduating in 2010. Afterwards he continued to grow his skill base until he was able to fully operate as an independent contractor, continuously growing and seeking new work. He also runs a blog about writing, design and his life.

Email: contact@konnlavery.com

Website: https://www.revealdesign.ca/


Jonas Steger, Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Cartographer

Jonas Steger has been actively designing and illustrating for 15 years. With a heavy hand in helping self-publishing authors create eye-catching and beautiful book cover designs, and character sketches, he also does cartography for both self and traditionally published authors, and game creators, as well as book trailers.

Email: jmsteger09@gmail.com

Web: www.fantasyandcoffee.com/SPDesign


Liam Rose, Freelance Writer

Liam is a queer disabled ghostwriter based in Alaska. With 5+ years experience in both learning and practice, they’re just stepping into the realm of freelancing. They write anything from blog content to ebooks to short stories, and even dabble in Tabletop RPG content.

 Won’t write: erotica, body gore.

Email: agent@catherinemilos.com

Website: coming soon


Brett Milos, Artist | Beta Reader

Brett Milos is an artist, beta reader, and aspiring sound technician. She loves fiction stories with dragons, LGBTQ+ and diversity, artistic stories, and stories for adult and young adult audiences. Creative non-fiction stories that feature unique voices interest her too.

She loves BTS and Korean pop, the Overcooked games, board games, and reading books while lying on the grass.

Contact: agent@catherinemilos.com

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  • Hi, Ms Catherine. I saw your post on Goodreads. I saw that you’re an editor as well as publisher. Well, I want to be a Copyeditor for a career. I have an B.A in English. However, I do lack the experience. I’ve proofread and edit certain documents, but I want to know how to gain the experience I need in to be more confident on the path. If you don’t mind, would you mind sharing some of your tips or advice to help out? And what did you have to do that helped you along the way?

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