You’re a professional whether you’re publishing a business report, manuscript, blog article, or handing in an academic assignment. As a professional, your work represents you.

Ensure your work is the best it can possibly be by hiring an editor. Not sure what type of editing you need? See The Many Faces of Editing to help you determine the type of editing you’ll need based on where you are in the writing process.

Catherine’s editing experience spans over ten years across a wide range of industries and genres. Her mission is to bring magic to your manuscript (or other writing), making it the best it can possibly be. She can also offer coaching/mentorship to help identify common errors, establish your ideal audience, walk you through a book blurb or query letter, help you get free of that writer’s block, and start from scratch with your idea to develop it into a final project.

She focuses on helping and guiding new and self-published authors, but her experience includes all types of authors from around the world.

*Catherine is focusing on Developmental editing, Manuscript Evaluation/Assessment, and Alpha and Beta Reading for fiction (fantasy, paranormal, magical realism, romance…), but is available to discuss other editing projects to meet your needs.

Types of editing Catherine and her team offer includes:

  1. Developmental
  2. Copy Editing*
  3. Line-by-Line*
  4. Proof Reading*
  5. Fact Checking*
  6. Manuscript Evaluation/Assessment
  7. Alpha and Beta Reading


If you would like to have Catherine or her team on your manuscript’s team as an editor or Alpha or Beta Reader, message her directly with the details of your manuscript, word count, deadline, genre, a 1500 word or one chapter sample, audience, type of editing you want (if you know) and any other information that you wish to share which will help to assess your manuscripts needs.

Catherine and her team offers customized quotes, secured payment methods, quick turnarounds, and will work to fit your budget. Before beginning work, Catherine (and/or her team members) will finalize cost with you based on an evaluation of your needs, the project needs, and size of the project.

Suggestions are in the form of edits and comments within the manuscript and an additional report.

Timeline for edit is usually 2-8 weeks depending on the manuscript.

All services are customized to meet the needs of the author and the work. Not satisfied with the work Catherine or her team has offered? Let us know and we’ll make it right. Services are subject to required taxes in service provider’s jurisdiction. Payment is accepted via PayPal (PayPal or Credit Cards) and etransfer.



Promotion: Book Catherine for a combination 2 edits and an alpha/beta read or proofread, and a style guide (i.e. developmental edit, copy edit, and an alpha/beta read or proofread) to get your manuscript ready for querying or for self-publishing for manuscripts up to 120,000 words for $1300 CAD.

All editing services by Catherine include an editor’s report and up to 1 hour follow up. Prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. Payment accepted via PayPal (PayPal or credit card), or etransfer.

Reading/editing interests: speculative fiction especially paranormal/urban fiction, coming of age stories, dystopian, mystery, romances, sci-fi, and fantasy in general for young, new, and adult readers; as well as literary fiction, pet stories/guides, travel memoirs, unique personal memoirs, feminist literature and stories, and fiction stories geared at middle-grade readers. Other non-fiction and fiction stories or children stories accepted as well, please inquire.

She does not read or edit erotica. She will read dark fiction and some horror on a case by case basis.


Manuscript Evaluation/Assessment

Get a read through with an editorial report that focuses on reader perspective, common writing mistakes, mechanical issues, issues with structure or character, suggested next steps, and more at any stage in the manuscript’s development.

$150 each work up to 120000 words (contact to discuss larger works)


Developmental/Structural/Substantive Editing

Transform your story right from the plot, from a partial or initial draft, or at any stage of your work. Catherine will work to help you get a solid structure, dynamic characters with depth, or find your way out of ‘stuck’. She can assist with plotting, manuscript organization, consistency, reader appeal, missing elements, common writer elements, and more. While she will identify some grammatical and spelling errors, the focus of this type of edit is on structure and story. 

$650 each work for anything 99000 words to 150000 words (contact to discuss larger works)
$450 each work for anything between 50000-98999 words
$250 each work for anything under 49999 words 



Coaching or consulting $40/hr

Take a developmental editing read through of your manuscript one step further with regular discussions, customized worksheets for your unique style and work, and building a writing plan to get that manuscript finished with Manuscript Coaching.

Want to consult face-to-face before, during, or after your editing project to discuss elements of style, the editing process, or follow up on complex or multiple questions about your edit?

Add on an hour of one-on-one discussion about what you’re stuck on or want guidance on for $40/hr.


Character Inventory  $75-$200

Have your characters ran away into their story and now you’re struggling to keep them all corralled? Are you a discovery writer looking for a reference document for your work? Writing a series and missed supporting characters or key flaws in your own notes? How about having an inventory of your characters done for your book? Whether it’s just a basic name list or includes physical descriptions and major flaws and quirks, I can help put it all in one place to help you along so you can focus on writing instead of wrestling with those characters in your stories.
Add-on to existing reading or editing service for just $75
$100 up to 95000 words
$200 up to 200000 words


Customized Style Guide $75

Want a tool to help improve your writing and add a bit of DIY to your editing process? Catherine will provide a short style guide for you to refer to when doing revisions including formatting, spacing, punctuation and grammar, and a short list of things to watch for and common errors in your own writing. Ideal for series or improving your writing. Catherine will work with you to determine your preferences and offer a customized document you can refer to again and again.


Catherine also offers writing services, workshops, presentations, resumé consulting and coaching, and more. For more information on these, please contact her at catherinemilos@hotmail.com.



Please note that joint services are between independent contractors and the author/owner. Each independent contractor may have different pricing, terms/contracts, and services beyond the below promotions. Please contact the independent contractor(s) directly to discuss additional services.


Joint editing by Catherine Milos and Ellen Michelle for $1300 CAD up to 60,000 words. Schedule an edit with Catherine and Ellen and get a HUGELY discounted rate. Get a developmental/substantive edit, editor’s report, and a draft style guide and/or character list from Catherine to kick off your manuscript and address major structural issues, then get a stellar copy edit from Ellen. Note to authors, we love the Oxford comma and hope you do to, but if you don’t we accommodate.


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