Beta / Alpha Reading

I will bring a unique perspective to your book, be it fiction or non-fiction. I will consider key concepts and mechanics other readers might not think of. Each of the professionals I works with also bring dedicated and unique perspectives and experience. When you work with my team or me, you get passionate and effective feedback from industry professionals.

Conventional and self-published authors don’t live in solitude to create a book. Turning a manuscript into a book requires a team. It’s important you get the best fit for your team so your work is the best it can be. Part of that team includes alpha and beta readers. Having a mix of readers, including those within your target audience, will ensure plot holes, character development issues, audience expectations and experience, and readability (level, flow/pacing) are all considered before your book gets published. Both conventional and self-published authors use alpha and beta readers.

Alpha Readers offer a reader’s perspective after an initial draft. The manuscript often has not been edited. It’s not uncommon for an alpha to read before the author edits the first draft.

Beta Readers offer a reader’s perspective for an edited manuscript shortly due for publication.

We may consider any or all of the following and more when reading your work:

  1. Reading level
  2. Mechanics (punctuation, spelling, dictionary (US, UK, CAD, AUS), capitalization, syntax)
  3. Social/political implications
  4. Character depth and development
  5. Plot cohesion
  6. Pacing and flow
  7. Interest Level/Marketability
  8. Logical and Factual consistency
  9. Reader by-in and belief (such as cohesive physics and magic, likeliness of actions of characters and outcomes of plot)
  10. Format
  11. Points in the story that stop the reader
  12. Points in the story that compel the reader to continue reading
  13. Themes, motifs
  14. Messages in the story
  15. Your goals for the manuscript
  16. Similar books already published in your genre
  17. Placement and appeal of graphics / art using principles of design

Message me directly Include synopsis, word count, deadline, genre, one chapter sample, audience, type of editing or reading you want (if you know) and any other information that you wish to share which will help to assess your manuscripts needs.

I offer customized quotes, secured payment methods, quick turnarounds, and will work to fit your budget. Before beginning work, I (and/or my team members) will finalize cost with you based on an evaluation of your needs, the project needs, and size of the project. Services are subject to required taxes.

Timeline for alpha/beta read is usually 2-8 weeks depending on the manuscript condition and size.

All services are customized to meet the needs of the author and the work.


Reading/editing interests: speculative fiction especially paranormal/urban fiction, coming of age stories, dystopian, mystery, romances, sci-fi, and fantasy in general for young, new, and adult readers; as well as literary fiction, pet stories/guides, travel memoirs, unique personal memoirs, esoteric and occult, feminist literature and stories, and fiction stories geared at middle-grade readers. I will read dark fiction and some horror on a case by case basis.

I do not read or edit erotica or works with themes of child abuse or sexualization of children, incest, promotion of discrimination or criminal activities including animal abuse.

$150 CAD up to 180000 words
$100 CAD up to 98999 words
$66 CAD under 49999 words

See editing for add-ons.

I also offers writing services, workshops, presentations, resumé consulting and coaching, and more. For more information on these, please contact me at



Please note that joint services are between independent contractors and the author/owner. Each independent contractor may have different pricing, terms/contracts, and services beyond the below promotions. Please contact the independent contractor(s) directly to discuss additional services.


NICOLE MARTIN $60 CAD per read regardless of size

Reading interests: Non-fiction, psychology, Fiction: dystopian and post-dystopian, general fantasy, mystery (not true crime), sci-fi, especially ones with happy endings and animals.


JOINT BETA/ALPHA READ for manuscript up to 90,000 words $120 USD (Between Catherine and one of the following consultants)
Nicole Martin, John Jeng, Jesse Savage