Branding Yourself as an Editor

Branding Yourself as an Editor

Branding is important for three reasons

1) consistency in online presence

2) getting clients

3) keeping clients.

Clients will know what to expect from you because of your branding. You’ll be able to advertise yourself to new clients using consistent and unique elements to make you memorable. Branding helps your editing career whether you’re freelance or traditionally employed. You apply branding from everything to colour and imagery, to spelling, to overall impression of who you are as an editor.


What to do:

Describe your editing self in three words.

Choose one to three colours.

Choose one to three fonts.

Chose one to three images and words to describe them for online use (social media/website).

Write your bio (long and short).

Get a professional photo.

Establish credibility through membership in editing associations, education, and a portfolio.

Write your catch phrase.

Get a domain, matching email, and build a website.

Put it all in one handy document/brand style guide. (You can purchase a branding template from Catherine for $5 by emailing her at

Apply your brand to all documents, cards, online presence, and yourself as a professional.

Questions to answer that will help you establish your brand

How are you going to set yourself apart from other editors? This could be an interesting quirk, education and training, a passion, award, or writer connection. Maybe you’re a construction worker by day and editor by night. Maybe you really love all things dinosaurs (this could be your niche too).

What does your ideal editor self look like? Find some images online that appeal to your idea of your best self as an editor. Try searching “book,” one of your three editing self words, or “editing” on an image site like pixabay. Choose three images. What colours do they use? What mood do they evoke (professionalism, excitement, whimsical…)? What type of stories do they hint at? What filters do they use (vintage, lens flares, black and white…)? What element do they have in common (nature, people, books, water…)?

If you were being interviewed in person for an editing job or having a picture taken for a newspaper featuring you as an editor, what would you wear?

How do you want to do business (in person, online, by letter mail, electronically, with paper and pen)?

What are other editors doing that you like? What are they doing that you don’t like?

Recommended Read

Indigenous Writes
Chelsea Vowel’s Indigenous Writes is a useful read that covers political and language aspects of the relationship between Indigenous people and Canada. It’s important for editors to be socially and politically conscious. This is a good book to start or continue that journey and have on the shelf as a writing and editing resource.


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